Slimming World – Authentic SYN FREE tzatziki dip recipe

Slimming World – Authentic SYN FREE tzatziki dip recipe

I say this is authentic because my husband is Greek and loves this recipe, he says it tastes like the real deal! Great for dipping speedy foods like cucumber, carrots and celery. But also great to use in sandwiches instead of butter or synful sauces.

Authentic SYN FREE tzatziki dip recipe

Ingredients needed:

+ Fage 0% fat-free yoghurt
+ Cucumber
+ Garlic
+ Mint (dried not fresh)
+ Lemon

How to make:

I usually buy the big pots of fat-free yoghurt and wait unit it’s about half empty (depending on how much you want to make) and use the pot to mix the ingredients in

Grate half of your cucumber into a bowl using a grater

TIP: Don’t just add the grated cucumber to your yoghurt. Cucumber contains a lot of water and by doing this you will make your dip too watery. I put my grated cucumber into a sift and with the back of a spoon I press down on the cucumber and squeeze the juices out. Alternatively, you can put the cucumber into a clean teal towel and squeeze the juice out this way (just make sure you do it over the sink)

Add the cucumber to the yoghurt and stir in to make sure you like the consistency. If you like it thick then add more cucumber

Then using a garlic crusher, crush one clove to the mix

Sprinkle a healthy amount of dry mint (dry works much better than fresh mint) add more if you like your dip minty – and mix all together

Squeeze half a lemon for added zest and mix together using a spoon

 tzatziki dip in red bowl with vegetable sticks and lemon
 tzatziki dip in red bowl close up

It’s that simple and lasts for days in your fridge. All completely syn free.

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